Slickers – Prince Edward County

Slickers ice cream

You know how some places / hangouts become institutions in certain places. Slickers is one of those. You don’t have to believe me. You can read up all the reviews on Tripadvisor, Yelp, other blogs. Or you can simply make a trip, line up in a fast moving queue, get into a crammed little ice cream parlor, quickly sample several delicious flavors, decide you like them all then randomly pick one, get out of the crowded nook, go sit on a bright red Muskoka chair and enjoy your pick. Then believe. Us big town folks, we have had our mile-high ice creams at Sweet Jesus, we have tasted the whacky flavors, wrapped in waffles, wrapped in churros and what not! But, sometimes you just want an old-style cone of single serve (or make it double) hand churned, smooth, rich lusciousness.

You don’t have to visit Prince Edward County for the ice cream! Go visit the small local vineyards, which are pretty, take tours of cellars, sample lots of wine and then trust me the ice cream will taste even better. Some great Vineyards to check out – Karlo Estates, The Grange and Rosehall Run.

Slickers Ice cream


Slickers ice cream

slickers icecream

slickers ice cream

Prince Edward County Vineyards

Prince Edward County vineyards

Slickers Icecream

Name and Location – Slickers County Ice Cream, 271 Main Street – Bloomfield – Prince Edward County.

Great for – Organic hand-churned ice creams. Great flavors. Friendly vibes and neat outdoor seating

Popular treats – Toasted Marshmallow (Campfire) on a cool day, Rhubarb Ginger on a hot sticky day, Apple pie when you feel like a child.

I am totally digging the – Toasted / Burnt / Roasted / Marhsmallowy goodness. It is simply an amazing flavor, done perfectly. Some may find it too sweet, but my sweet tooth was doing somersaults after tasting this one.

The ‘Meh’ – the actual inside of the store is super tiny with only about 4 – 5 people being able to fit in at a time. It is easy to feel pressured to decide quickly although you really want to sample each one of them and have an internal debate about which one is the best. But you really can’t, because there is a line-up forming outside the door.

What you will shell out – $10 for 2 people for single scoops.

Watch out – Google maps has their factory location, so you may end up at the factory wondering where all the goodness is hiding. The real store is up a couple of blocks.  CASH ONLY.

More information –

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