Sweet Jesus!

Round the corner from where we are temporarily based in a service apartment, there seems to be a famous spot. A perpetual line-up, leading into a nondescript store-front. It is easy to miss, if it weren’t for those winding queues and a tiny blackboard cheekily saying Sweet Jesus – Bless your mouth!Sweet Jesus 5

When you see people patiently lining up no matter what time of the day, you know it has to be something awesome (or it could just be wildly trending). Either way, I had to try it. After observing the emerging people from across the street with gigantic, shockingly indulgent looking ice-creams, there was no doubt. I had to get myself one of those.

Sweet Jesus 1

A quick recruit in the form of my one and only friend in Toronto and a short line-up later, I had my very own Bangin’ Brownie. What’s in it? Chocolate soft-serve, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, chunks of dark-chocolate brownie… and a thousand calories! But if you are mad about ice-cream, you know you won’t care!

Sweet Jesus 3

They are called the pimped out cones and it is wayyyy too much. This is the cold chunky kick Torontonians will treat themselves with on a sunny day to celebrate spring. This is a birthday treat! Or a Valentine’s Day pleasure! Or the cheat day of the month indulgence! This is a PMS day instant pick-me-up! Or just a happy day indulgence.

The Cookies Cookies Cookies n Cream and the Campfire S’mores are the most popular ones I was told. Then there is the crazy extravagance of burnt marshmallows, chocolate, cashews and walnuts on the Rocky Road Rage or the tufts of colorful cotton candy, on Krusty the Cone. I think I read a vegan option! Can’t be sure. Note to self – pay attention to vegan food.

Sweet Jesus 4

For people who don’t care for ice-creams (it is your choice and I respect it), you can hit the espresso bar for some specialty roasts. Pair it with some hot cinnamon churros so you don’t feel like you are missing out on the fun.


I hope the pictures have enticed you enough to skip breakfast, skip lunch, gym for an hour and then go pimp yourself out on a cone at Sweet Jesus!

Awesome or just trending? Either way, gotta try @sweetjesus4life Trying the Bangin Brownie!

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