MioGelato – Kingston

MioGelato - Kingston

A string of sweaty people – kids and adults alike, sitting on the porch licking away happily on their gelato cones was what I registered even before I saw the sign for this Gelato shop. Right in the heart of Downtown Kingston facing the waterfront, this frozen treats shop seems to be the preferred choice for tourists after long walks, post lunch/dinner crowd, and too-hot-to-have-coffee folks.

MioGelato - Kingston
MioGelato - Kingston

Icecream shop Kingston

MioGelato - Kingston
Two scoops – Hazelnut and Maple Walnut

MioGelato - Kingston

Name and Location – MioGelato – Ontario Street – Downtown Kingston

Great for – Something cold and delicious on a hot summer day. Wide variety of flavors in the gelatos, sorbets. Ever changing flavor of the week. Lots of vegan options.

Popular treats – Gelatos. Small and regular sized cups or cones with two scoops. Mix it up with a scoop of gelato and a scoop of sorbet for a killer creamy/tart combo.

I am totally digging the – mini frostbites – basically a gelato on a stick dipped in crunchy chocolate coating and sprinkles indicating what flavor is hidden within.

The ‘Meh’ – I don’t see the need to sell macarons and cakes when the gelatos are great.

What you will shell out – $10 – $20 for 2 people depending on how crazy you are for frozen stuff.

More information – http://www.miogelato.ca/

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