Mamie Clafoutis – Montreal

Mamie Clafoutis Montreal

Ok, so on my first trip to Montreal, I had to try a Montreal bagel, a smoked meat sandwich, a French bakery café and basically lots of food. How many trips would it take to check off all the good restaurants and eateries? We had time for one bakery café. The magic word was ‘croissant’, since we had slotted the café for breakfast. After a good amount of research, I decided to try Mamie Clafoutis. They have a few locations around the city. Don’t turn your nose up! It is all baked fresh in an adjoining kitchen and yes the croissants are buttery and flaky and oh so rich!

Mamie Clafoutis Montreal

Mamie Clafoutis Montreal

Mamie Clafoutis Montreal

Mamie Clafoutis Montreal

Name and Location – Mamie Clafoutis, 2660 Notre-Dame Street West, Montreal.

Great for – Freshly baked French pastry – you can peep into the kitchen. ‘real butter croissant’ breakfast.

Popular treats – the Pistachio Croissant, The pain au chocolat called “Oh mon dieu” filled with chocolate ganache, the canelés and the sandwiches

I am totally digging the – Pistachio Croissant. I read a lot about this and I absolutely had to try it, albeit, with a grain of salt. A rich very pistachio-y centre filled to the brim, ensconced within flaky, crispy outer layers. They definitely don’t skimp on the filling – totally money’s worth. A tad too heavy for breakfast maybe, but they say, you must have a big breakfast! I will go back, just for this.

The ambience – Upscale café with clean-lined, modern interiors. It is not a homely bakery feel but it is comfortable and quiet. Good place to meet up over a good coffee and a small pastry. Pleasant staff.

The Meh – we tried the rhubarb tart. I was not very impressed. It was soggy. Hopefully that was a one off case and they do better seasonal tarts.

What you will shell out – $15 – $20 for 2 people.

More information –

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  1. Totally love croissants myself but they make me feel so guilty! Travelling to warmer places is always a great idea 😉

  2. Hi Meghan, Montreal is totally worth a visit, if just for the food 😉 Thanks for visiting the blog.

  3. Yum, looks delicious!! I love croissants, but don’t eat them often enough. People keep telling me I need to go to Montreal… I wonder if I will ever get there! You’d think living in Canada would make vacationing in Canada less expensive, but not really lol. I usually head to warmer places!

  4. My husband and I were just in Vermont, and we seriously wished we could continue driving up to Montreal. I’ve always wanted to go, we will need to go someday! I can’t resist a good croissant, and I’ve never had a pistachio one – I’ll put this on my list!

  5. OMG! You bet. We were lucky enough to not have a single bad meal in Montreal. You should totally put the pistachio croissant on your must-try list! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Montreal is so awesome, isn’t it? From the smoked meat sandwiches to the poutine to the pastries….all soooo good!!

    Your pics are making me hungry and that pistachio croissant sounds like something I would love….then again, I haven’t tasted many croissants that I didn’t like 😉

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