Stir Fried Beetroot Coconut in Spiced Yogurt

Stir Fried Beetroot Coconut In Spiced Yogurt

This simple stir fried beetroot coconut in spiced yogurt is a slight twist on a traditional Kerala dish without compromising the authentic flavors. It is easy to make and a great accompaniment to rice, veggie bowls or grilled meats.   I am so excited about today’s post because I really want you guys to try this little part of Kerala cuisine and love it! In my sneak preview on Instagram,  I mentioned about enjoying an entire Onam spread after years and my resolve to recreate some of the traditional Kerala dishes in my Canadian kitchen so I don’t have to wait till I go back home to India or seek out a really good Kerala restaurant. Ok some dishes are worth seeing out – such as dosas and appams because they are rather time consuming and a bit labor intensive to make at home. However, there are so many simple vegetarian and non-vegetarian stir-fry and gravies that I don’t attempt. When it comes to my own cuisine I kind of stick within my comfort zone and make the handful of curries over and over again. Time to change all that! Starting with this stir fried beetroot coconut in spiced yogurt which […]

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