5 Things To Consider Before You Go On a Diet + Chicken Soup

Diet friendly Chicken Soup

If you are first-time dieter like me, consider these things before you jump into a diet. Planning and research are key for successfully completing a diet plan. Ok, I am not a seasoned dieter and this is by no means expert advice on best and worst diets and their health benefits or side effects. This is a beginner’s checklist really. For someone like me who has never ever gone on any sort of diet and have no clue as to what it entails. A few simple things to contemplate upon before you embark on a journey chasing health and weight-loss. Now that I am on my last week of the Fast Metabolism Diet (yayyyyyy), I feel like these pointers are so important in selecting, kickstarting and sticking with a plan. What do you hope to achieve by going on a diet? Weight loss, detox, cholesterol issues, diabetes scare, heart problems or simply change of eating habits? In my case, it was primarily the last – kicking my addiction to sugar and making fresh fruits and veggies a bigger part of my regular meals. Putting down a goal helps to remain focused and not get distracted. For example, if your personal […]

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Healthy Breakfast Tacos

Savoury Quinoa Oat Crepes

A much healthier substitute for regular tacos. These quinoa and oat flour breakfast tacos are gluten-free and can be topped with toppings of your choice! Hello Hello! I am so excited today to bring this recipe because this is my first, second savory recipe that I feel proud of. Savory recipes intimidate me. I am always hyper aware of the balance of flavors, combinations and spice levels; the kind of anxiety I don’t have when it come to desserts. With desserts and cakes, it seems to flow naturally. I am confident if it is good or needs improvement or should never be mentioned again.  With savory, I keep asking “is it good”, “but is it good enough to be on the blog?” Steve is very patient in this and always gives me helpful inputs because he is definitely more of a spicy / savory person than a dessert person! This recipe actually formed in my head as another sweet breakfast option filled with luscious spring fruits cooked down to bring out their sweet juices. Let’s just say it did not translate into tasting as good as it sounded in my head. The strong quinoa flavor completely empowered the fruits. Yes, quinoa flour […]

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Lentil Spinach Masala

Meal Ideas for One - Lentil Spinach Masala

This lentil spinach masala is really a canvas on which you can try all sorts of variations. It is a delicious, nutritious meal for one person when you want to make the least effort but crave a warm cozy meal. I will be honest, sometimes I do miss my single days! When days looked like this – wake up, go to work, come back from work, whip up quick dinner, eat while watching endless re-runs of Sex and The City or How I Met Your Mother, or a soppy movie or some brainless comedy without fear of judgement, get late night shisha and drinks, or mint tea when feeling responsible, with my girlfriend, gossip/ bitch about work and boyfriends till the shisha embers have died, come back home, eat some chocolate, sleep with the TV on all night. Just because you are perfectly happy in one kind of life does not mean that sometimes you don’t miss the other, right? But one thing I really disliked when I lived by myself was eating all alone. I am the kind of person who is not a fan of only cooking for myself. When there is no one else to share a […]

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Curry Leaf Scones with Tomato Coconut Chutney

Curry Leaf Savory Scones with Tomato Coconut Chutney

If you love chutney, these South Indian spiced, savory scones act as excellent vessels to scoop up the goop. Made with coconut oil and lightly spiced with curry leaves, mustard seeds and pepper, these savory scones are a delicious break from sweet breakfast and brunch options. I know this blog is full of recipes that cater to the sweet tooth. Heck! I even say in my side bar About Me “This blog is for anyone who has ever skipped dinner just to have an extra portion of dessert” It is true. It is firstly a dessert / cake / cookies blog. But that doesn’t mean I should throttle my creative juices and not try something savory if the inspiration strikes. By some stroke of luck if it actually tastes good, I can’t not share just because I subtly proclaimed that this is a dessert lovers blog. Sharing is good. Sharing encourages all sorts of good and bad exchange of ideas. When we share, we contribute to the collective consciousness of this world. I feel blessed and inspired to be part of a time when sharing knowledge, creativity, ideas is a click of a button away. I open my Instagram or […]

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