Lemon Curd Cupcakes

Lemon Curd cupcakes

Soft, spongy, buttery, Lemon Curd Cupcakes are a perfect way to use up a bit of leftover lemon curd. What to do with lemon curd? After you have finished making lemon meringue pie, constructed a beautiful layer cake, topped it on your pancakes and oatmeal and sundaes, added to your fruit trifles, and licked it off a spoon. If there is still a tiny bit left and you feel you can’t eat anymore, put the last bit of it in a basic butter cake recipe and eat it as a cupcake. The best part of it is that, in this form it a subdued, subtle version of itself rather that a big, bold hit of tangy, lemony which is the main reason I personally cannot eat it off a spoon. It feels like a punch in my mouth that I don’t care for. But I do enjoy the lemony brightness when complimented with other balancing flavors. This post has started off as a SEO exercise and I promise I did not mean to do that. What to do with a small amount of leftover lemon curd was what I was searching for when I had 3tbsp of lemon curd sitting in […]

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Cardamom Coconut Panna Cotta and Turmeric Cake Crumb

Cardamom Panna Cotta Turmeric Cake Crumbs

A delightful dessert for two, this light, smooth, cardamom coconut panna cotta is accompanied by crunch from some leftover turmeric cake. I read the Momfuku Milk Bar book and fell inspired by Christina Tosi’s philosophy of using all sorts of things from your pantry and freezer in your baked goods. The idea of repurposing leftovers speaks to me, because I really dislike wasting food. It is one of the main reasons why I bake in small quantities as much as possible and without resorting to using 1/4th of an egg because really the quantity of egg decides how small my baking project will be. Trust me it is a pain to measure out 1 ½ tbsp of egg for something. I have tried. One of the first google searches I did when I was tinkering with the idea of starting a blog was “what do food bloggers do with excess food”, coming in after “how do food bloggers stay fit?” Well I did not find any satisfactory answers to both questions. I suppose everyone tackles it in their own way. So, I picked going small where my baking was concerned. We are two people so I had to think about […]

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