A Very Grapefruit-y Trifle

Grapefruit curd

Grapefruit is in season and many of us may have a bitter-sour relationship with it, but in dessert form it transforms into a sweet, tart, bright fruit that is far from the diet-food version of itself. Full disclosure – I struggled with this one. In my very first FBC newsletter I came across the call for recipe round-ups for January. It is citrus month and by the time I saw the mail, the deadlines for lemon and orange had already passed. Ofcourse I wanted orange. Who doesn’t want orange! Grapefruit and lime were still open opportunities so after giving it a thorough thought, I decided to go with grapefruit. Primarily because I have this hate-hate relationship with the fruit that began in Dubai when I went through a crash diet phase where I force-fed myself half a grapefruit every morning, before coffee! Yikes. I had held on to that for way too long. It was time to let go. Challenge myself and all! I had this amazing idea of making grapefruit kulfi. I did make grapefruit kulfi after grilling and pureeing the fruit and cooking the milk down to half and freezing the weird concoction that seemed wrong even before […]

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Blackberry Chocolate Cookie Cups

lackberry Chocolate Cookie Cups

If you love bite sized desserts, these mini chocolate cookie cups filled with blackberry mousse are perfect for you. Slightly tart and deliciously chocolatey, these are super handy on movie nights or for entertaining a crowd. After an extremely slow start, I have switched into 2nd gear and can feel some momentum gathering where getting work done is concerned. You can tell by this next recipe which is super easy and involves a leftover component, that things have picked up, but not really in full acceleration. Last week, we watched La La Land which was fun and a little sad and rather Bollywoody with dancing and singing, bright colours, a good dose of romance and the beautiful City of Stars which plays in the movie atleast 20 times and I could have listened to it 10 more times. We also watched Howl’s Moving Castle at TIFF which was more challenging with the themes and the Japanese treatment which is different than the lighter American animation I am used to. Besides watching movies, binge-watching Gilmore Girls, and finishing the first season of The Crown, I also got myself to raid the refrigerator and getting rid of leftover bits from the holidays. […]

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Thyme Poppy Seed Shortbread Cookies

Christmas Cookies - Thyme and Poppy seed Shortbread

Butter is infused with thyme.  A little sweet, a little savory, these thyme poppy seed shortbread cookies are great for gifting or simply to make your home smell festive. While growing up, we did not really have the tradition of receiving gifts from ‘Santa’. We got a new dress, lots of good food and Santa would visit along with church carolers to do a merry dance and give us candy. My mom and aunt would make lots of homemade sweets and we distributed that amongst friends and neighbours. Keeping that tradition, while I was in Dubai, I started giving my friends homemade chocolate truffles. There is something so special about homemade / DIY style gifts. Whether it is fancy craftsy stuff from talented DIYers or just cookies or truffles or cake. Simple, sweet, made with love and care. And you avoid all the frenzied holiday shopping! This year I decided to give truffles a rest and make cookies instead for gifting. Steve’s aunt makes a really good gingerbread, his mom makes delicious eastern European crescent cookies. So, I combined flavors I like and made these thyme poppy seed shortbread cookies I was inspired by Teresa Floyd’s recipe for pink peppercorn […]

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Pumpkin Cookies with Chocolate Chips or Cranberries

Pumpkin Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

This very simple, pumpkin cookie batter comes together super quickly and you can either add chocolate chips or fresh cranberries, or you can have a few of both like me. I spent the weekend in the kitchen with my oven and butter and flour and sugar… Do baking bloggers end up having hands that smell like butter permanently? And hair that smells like flour? It was a quiet weekend, and it rained some so it was kind of perfect to spend most of it in my cookie-scented kitchen. I made two batches of pumpkin cookies and other cookies which will not be mentioned here as of now because they will bring shame and sadness for the wasted ingredients. Do all food bloggers feel so sad about the ingredients that got wasted or do they become cold and hard-hearted after a couple of months of dumping their deformed, ruined, creations into the waste-bin along with that perfect idea that was envisioned exactly in its yummy baked/cooked glory! How dramatic! My first batch of pumpkin cookies were so soft, they were like free form cake. I think I went overboard with the pumpkin puree. Anyway, take two – me running off to […]

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