Mamie Clafoutis – Montreal

Mamie Clafoutis Montreal

Ok, so on my first trip to Montreal, I had to try a Montreal bagel, a smoked meat sandwich, a French bakery café and basically lots of food. How many trips would it take to check off all the good restaurants and eateries? We had time for one bakery café. The magic word was ‘croissant’, since we had slotted the café for breakfast. After a good amount of research, I decided to try Mamie Clafoutis. They have a few locations around the city. Don’t turn your nose up! It is all baked fresh in an adjoining kitchen and yes the croissants are buttery and flaky and oh so rich! Pure delight – the pistachio croissant @_mamieclafoutis #montreal . . . #latebreakfast #frenchpastry #patisserie #cafe #croissant #mamieclafoutis #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #huffposttaste #foodstagram #instapic #foodporn #latergram #indulgence #travel #mtlfood #mtlmoments #eeeeeats #thebakingskillet A photo posted by Thebakingskillet (@thebakingskillet) on Aug 24, 2016 at 10:36am PDT Name and Location – Mamie Clafoutis, 2660 Notre-Dame Street West, Montreal. Great for – Freshly baked French pastry – you can peep into the kitchen. ‘real butter croissant’ breakfast. Popular treats – the Pistachio Croissant, The pain au chocolat called “Oh mon dieu” filled with chocolate ganache, the […]

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Slickers – Prince Edward County

Slickers ice cream

You know how some places / hangouts become institutions in certain places. Slickers is one of those. You don’t have to believe me. You can read up all the reviews on Tripadvisor, Yelp, other blogs. Or you can simply make a trip, line up in a fast moving queue, get into a crammed little ice cream parlor, quickly sample several delicious flavors, decide you like them all then randomly pick one, get out of the crowded nook, go sit on a bright red Muskoka chair and enjoy your pick. Then believe. Us big town folks, we have had our mile-high ice creams at Sweet Jesus, we have tasted the whacky flavors, wrapped in waffles, wrapped in churros and what not! But, sometimes you just want an old-style cone of single serve (or make it double) hand churned, smooth, rich lusciousness. You don’t have to visit Prince Edward County for the ice cream! Go visit the small local vineyards, which are pretty, take tours of cellars, sample lots of wine and then trust me the ice cream will taste even better. Some great Vineyards to check out – Karlo Estates, The Grange and Rosehall Run. Name and Location – Slickers County Ice Cream, 271 […]

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Forno Cultura – Italian Bakery

Forno Cultura - Toronto

Peep in through the long rectangular glass window and your interest may be piqued by either the many people lining up at the counter or the glass counter itself, filled with Italian goodies. Forno Cultura has been around for a while, it is not an “on trend dessert place”. It is where you go if you crave for the classics. Or maybe to taste a bit of nostalgia when you are reminiscing that trip to Italy. Who else is in Thursday mode?? We all deserve treats for making it to #almosttheendoftheweek @fornocultura A photo posted by Thebakingskillet (@thebakingskillet) on Jun 23, 2016 at 6:03am PDT Name and Location – King and Bathurst –occupies the ground floor/basement beneath WVRST Great for – true Italian desserts, freshly baked bread, a quick Italian lunch What the experts say – “Forno Cultura is one of the city’s most essential food shops, a must-try on any Toronto food tour, run by one of its most naturally talented bakers” – The Globe and Mail Popular treats – Almond Cannoli, Biscotti, pistachio cookies, the breads I am totally digging the – The high ceiling, the industrial basement look, the variety of baked goods, the breads (must pick […]

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Maman – Bakery Café, Toronto

Maman French Bakery Cafe Toronto

Sitting on the sunny patio at a rustic wooden table decorated with dainty white flowers in glass jars, nibbling on a piece of pistachio cake, one can, just for a few moments, easily forget that they are still in the heart of the buzzing Financial District. We got to the café at around 9am, and only a handful of croissants and pain au chocolats were left! But they soon got fresh batches so we got lucky! Name and Location – Maman, First Canadian Place (mezzanine floor) Great for – summer brunches, elegant take-outs, a very French breakfast of Croissant and coffee What has been said – “aspires to be an idyllic escape from the Financial District’s proverbial rat race without ever leaving the PATH” – BlogTo. The group of owners, which also includes a Michelin star chef Armand Arnal, has another branch located in Manhattan. I read that it has the same rustic French appeal. Popular treats – cocktails at twilight, lunch salads and the chocolate chip cookie. I am totally digging the – the rustic wooden tables, the patio and the pistachio cake – going back for more! The ‘Meh’ – The coffee, the service (maybe they were just too […]

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Bakery and Kaffee Haus

I had my eyes on this one for the last few weeks. Simply because it is located on the busy part of Queen Street, in the heart of Entertainment District and I pass it almost everyday atleast once. It does not take much to attract me to baked goods, and when displayed beautifully behind a huge clear glass on a gorgeous old building, I simply cannot skip it. Located inside the Queen Street Market, The Bakery and Kaffee Haus, with the very European name, is essentially a coffee shop with some fancy coffee like the Butter Coffee – it actually has butter in it, and the Nitro Coffee – which is a cold coffee treated with nitrogen. I did not try any of these, because somedays I lack in courage and this was one of those days. Steve and I both had our regular beverage of choice – a simple Latte which was nice but not amazing. The baked goods look as great up-close as from the other side of the glass. I was torn between the Cronut and the Pretzel Croissant, and eventually went for the Cronut with Nutella and Strawberry. And Steve tried a Pain au Chocolat. Now […]

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Sweet Jesus!

Round the corner from where we are temporarily based in a service apartment, there seems to be a famous spot. A perpetual line-up, leading into a nondescript store-front. It is easy to miss, if it weren’t for those winding queues and a tiny blackboard cheekily saying Sweet Jesus – Bless your mouth! When you see people patiently lining up no matter what time of the day, you know it has to be something awesome (or it could just be wildly trending). Either way, I had to try it. After observing the emerging people from across the street with gigantic, shockingly indulgent looking ice-creams, there was no doubt. I had to get myself one of those. A quick recruit in the form of my one and only friend in Toronto and a short line-up later, I had my very own Bangin’ Brownie. What’s in it? Chocolate soft-serve, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, chunks of dark-chocolate brownie… and a thousand calories! But if you are mad about ice-cream, you know you won’t care! They are called the pimped out cones and it is wayyyy too much. This is the cold chunky kick Torontonians will treat themselves with on a sunny day to celebrate […]

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