Curry Leaf Scones with Tomato Coconut Chutney

Curry Leaf Savory Scones with Tomato Coconut Chutney

If you love chutney, these South Indian spiced, savory scones act as excellent vessels to scoop up the goop. Made with coconut oil and lightly spiced with curry leaves, mustard seeds and pepper, these savory scones are a delicious break from sweet breakfast and brunch options. I know this blog is full of recipes that cater to the sweet tooth. Heck! I even say in my side bar About Me “This blog is for anyone who has ever skipped dinner just to have an extra portion of dessert” It is true. It is firstly a dessert / cake / cookies blog. But that doesn’t mean I should throttle my creative juices and not try something savory if the inspiration strikes. By some stroke of luck if it actually tastes good, I can’t not share just because I subtly proclaimed that this is a dessert lovers blog. Sharing is good. Sharing encourages all sorts of good and bad exchange of ideas. When we share, we contribute to the collective consciousness of this world. I feel blessed and inspired to be part of a time when sharing knowledge, creativity, ideas is a click of a button away. I open my Instagram or […]

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One-Bowl Breakfast Brownie

Breakfast Banana Brownie

Banana breakfast brownie is all your favorite breakfast things in a delectable brownie form! Banana, peanut butter, chocolate, coconut –simply throw everything in a bowl, whisk it and you have amazing chocolate – banana brownies!  Oh yes, it happened! No point in living in denial anymore. We started with scorn, which gradually turned to surprise, which soon turned to shock and disbelief and has culminated in anger and disappointment. The long news channel speculations are over. Facebook and fake news have been blamed. The angry SM tirades and repartees are done. It gave us numerous new GIFs and a series of Women’s Marches which will go down in history. Now we keep vigil. Meanwhile personally, I had a nice week where I celebrated by X bday (Yes, I am at that age where I feel I must censor it in public!!) which was basically an excuse to get dressed up and go for a super nice 3 course dinner and make a 4 layer cake of Guinness, chocolate, brown butter and Whiskey caramel. Yes, it was boozy themed since I don’t go out to drink and party as much anymore, and so this was my way of jamming 90% of […]

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