Berry Almond Baked Oatmeal

Berry Almond Baked Oatmeal

This Berry Almond Baked Oatmeal will make a great summer breakfast and it won’t make you feel guilty one bit since it is gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free and vegan!

Berry Almond Baked Oatmeal

Things I learnt this past week.

I can live without cake

My brain wont die without coffee

My world won’t collapse without chocolate

Cooking without oil or any kind of fat is not awful

Berries and nuts make as great a snack (if not better) as cookies

I can be a cynical person. I have always been skeptical about diets and I never understood why and how some people can be on constant diet. Giving up good food, different kinds of food, the ability to indulge in fried / cheesy / decadent goodness in order to be thin always seemed like sacrilege!

I believe in balance and being healthy and eating well. But lately, I had been at the other extreme of the leaf-eating kind, with way too much sugar and indulgence and no self-control. I follow enough food bloggers to know that they don’t sit and eat their amazing cakes for all meals. Many of you give it away to friends and neighbors or share with work colleagues. Since I don’t have any neighbors to share with (still the new-comers in the hood) and I don’t work to share with colleagues and I hate wasting food, I found myself reaching out for the goodies sitting in my fridge way too often.

So, first things first, I had to do some sort detox/ cleanse aka diet that would wean me off sugar and lose a few pounds in a healthy way  

Second, I have a fear of crash diets (that lead to inevitable weight gain once you are off of it), so I had to find a program that is recommended by someone close to me. Something that had a timeline like a month or 28 days and something that focused on resetting habits and mindset rather that rapidly losing weight and clinging on to that weight loss by giving up eating forever.

Third, figure out what to do with the blog while I am on diet

Berry Almond Baked Oatmeal

Making up my mind to go on a diet was the easy part. Actually starting the diet – not so easy. I have been contemplating this since January, efficiently finding excuses every time to procrastinate.

Finding myself a program was also super easy since Steve’s sister went on the Fast Metabolism Diet before Christmas and said it made her feel good. I still did a good amount of research, read a bunch of reviews and articles before committing to it. What I liked about it was that the focus was eating good, whole foods and normal portion sizes.

The blog was my real dilemma and also the main excuse I found myself putting off the diet. What will I post? How can I post desserts when I am not eating them? How can I even bake when I am not allowed to eat or test? Do I just take a break from blogging and social media? Do I bake a whole bunch in advance and then stash them in the freezer and churn out the posts on my diet?

It just didn’t seem right. A lot of us love blogging and social media because we feel like we are part of a community. If I start lying to that community, I am diluting the purpose of being here and doing this. So, I am sharing.

Today I start second week of the 28 day diet. First week was hard. I am hoping this week will be better. I am determined to stay strong and complete the month. And I know that at the end of this a slice of cake will taste better than ever!!

Berry Almond Baked OatmealI decided that if at all I do like some of the food I am eating during this program, I will post it here. So here is a Berry Almond Baked Oatmeal that changed my perspective about oatmeal because prior to this, oatmeal was something I ran away from. I hate that stove top porridge. But baked… hmmm not bad – pretty good – actually, like it. Has a chewy texture. And it is barely any work. You just throw everything into a bowl, mix, bake and voila – a healthy, hearty, delicious breakfast / brunch is ready!

Heck, you can even impress your mom with this on Mother’s Day (I know a lot of moms are perpetually dieting) Do add a little sweetness though. After all, it is a special occasion and I know my mom would love it with some extra fresh berries and some honey!

Berry Almond Baked Oatmeal

If you like mangoes, add chopped mangoes instead of berries a pinch of cardamom. After baking top with some coconut cream and you have a tropical oatmeal bowl that is super delicious.

– This is diet compliant, so there is no egg and no sugar.  If you prefer a touch of sweetness, add 2-3 tbsp of maple syrup or honey or some Stevia into the mixture before baking.

Berry Almond Baked Oatmeal

Ingredients – Make 2 generous portions
1 cup steel cut oats
½ cup shredded unsweetened coconut
¼ cup slivered toasted almonds
½ tsp baking powdered
Pinch of salt
Cinnamon to taste
1 cup almond milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup mixed berries

Preheat oven t0 375F. Lightly spray a 5×5 baking dish with oil.

In a medium bowl, mix the dry ingredients first. Then add the milk, extract and berries. Stir well. Throw it all into the baking dish. Bake for 20 – 25mins.

Eat warm, feel good!

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  1. Thank you so much Cara. You are sweet. It is definitely tough but all the motivation from my fellow bloggers and family really helps 🙂

  2. Yeah girl- I am glad that you found a healthier recipe that worked for you. No cooking with oil or coffee def scares me… maybe as much as the typical oatmeal scares you? lol :). Good luck with the 28 day diet- You can do anything!

  3. Thank You Heather. Only a fellow blogger can understand! I am so glad I am not the only one who finds the slimy stuff gross LOL.

  4. good luck on your diet! i definitely eat too much sugar even though i give away the majority of my baked goods, so i feel you. this oatmeal sounds so tasty (i’m convinced that baked oatmeal is 23592389x better than the slimy gross stovetop counterpart), and i wouldn’t even miss the sugar with all those berries!

  5. You had me at mangoes and cardamom Jenny, you know those two are totally my jam!!! Congratulations on your diet, you got this girl.

  6. Thanks Jolina! The mango version is super good since mangoes are naturally so sweet. I can enjoy mangoes only in one phase of the week that is 2 days, or I would have eaten mango baked oatmeal everyday!

  7. Way to go Jenny! Week 1 down, week 2 on the way, just a few more days to go 🙂 I totally get your blog dilemma. And yes, giving it away helps a lot! I never ran away from oatmeal lol but I wasn’t too crazy for the boring white version. This looks anything but! Healthy too. I’m going to try your mango suggestion.

  8. Thank you so much Dawn! Good on you for making moderation work. I had just lost track of it 🙂 Relearning now balance things! Hope it sticks even after the diet! Have a great week

  9. You bet Fatimah – “blog job” excuse had me on sugar high all the time LOL!! But we are new bloggers and we still learning the game right? Hope your kids like it!

  10. Thanks Ruby! Can definitely this for breakfast and the mango version for dessert ;-)Yes, the focus is on eating 3 proper meals and two healthy snacks! As a result I am snacking a lot on berries and cucumber, things I simple never snacked on before.

  11. Thanks Kelsie! I know, I can’t do NO sugar either. But can aim for moderation right? Oh yes the mango, cardamom and coconut milk is soo good. And since mango is naturally so sweet, you don’t feel the need for added sugar. Hope your mom likes it! Have a great week 🙂

  12. I’m so excited about this post! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on rocking the first week of your diet. I know you can finish this thing :). Second, I’m definitely trying to cut back on the amount of sugar I eat and am thinking I should extend that to my blog. Not no sugar, just less. So I’m looking forward to seeing your posts for inspo. Third, adding mango and cardamom to this sounds incredible and it just so happens that I’m going to see my mom not long after mother’s day. She doesn’t eat any sugar at all so I’m going to surprise her with this. Hope you’re week is going well, Jenny!

  13. This looks real good and like somethng one could eat for both breakfast and dessert – something I can always get on board with. Good luck with re-setting your eating habits, it can always feel like such a big challenge. I need to do something like this, I am not eating badly I am just not eating enough – coffee for breakfast and lunch and a large dinner does not a healthy person make. Looking forward to see some of your recipes that you will be trying out.

  14. i totally get what you mean i often find myself indulging a bit too much and it’s hard because it’s my “blog job” lol but good for you for doing this! my kids love baked oatmeal and this looks great i’ll have to try this combo xo

  15. I believe everything in moderation….cookie here and work out there, ya know? I don’t like wasting food either and totally know sometimes it’s hard making a bunch of recipes for the blog and trying to eat it all (or give to family and friends). This baked oatmeal sounds delicious and I definitely wouldn’t miss cookies or cake or any sugary treats if I had this in front of me 🙂 Best of luck with your diet and looking forward to hearing more! Hope you’re having a great week, Jenny!

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