Bakery and Kaffee Haus

I had my eyes on this one for the last few weeks. Simply because it is located on the busy part of Queen Street, in the heart of Entertainment District and I pass it almost everyday atleast once. It does not take much to attract me to baked goods, and when displayed beautifully behind a huge clear glass on a gorgeous old building, I simply cannot skip it.

Kaffee Haus 2

Kaffee Haus 1

Located inside the Queen Street Market, The Bakery and Kaffee Haus, with the very European name, is essentially a coffee shop with some fancy coffee like the Butter Coffee – it actually has butter in it, and the Nitro Coffee – which is a cold coffee treated with nitrogen. I did not try any of these, because somedays I lack in courage and this was one of those days.

Kaffee Haus 4

Steve and I both had our regular beverage of choice – a simple Latte which was nice but not amazing. The baked goods look as great up-close as from the other side of the glass. I was torn between the Cronut and the Pretzel Croissant, and eventually went for the Cronut with Nutella and Strawberry. And Steve tried a Pain au Chocolat.

Kaffee Haus 5

Now I was excited about trying a Cronut because guess what? It was my first time! What’s new! So I went in with no expectations but with the knowledge that the world was taken by storm when Chef Dominique Ansel of New York created the baby of Croissant and Donut and patented it as Cronut.

Kaffee Haus 7

I was a little bit disappointed. The Cronut was not exactly flaky like a Croissant and a bit soggy from the filling. The Pain au Chocolat was passable at best. Maybe needs another visit and another chance.

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