About Me

Hi! I am Jenny.  A little late to the blogging world as to so many other things in life. I love to daydream, party and then after-party, count the likes on Instagram, find and eat delicious food (especially cake), and recently I’ve discovered that I love to bake.

In January 2016, I packed my bags and my life as I knew it in slick, sunny Dubai, where I worked in marketing for international house-ware brands, and set out on an adventure. I moved to Canada, to the freezing yet vibrant northwestern shores of Lake Ontario – Toronto.

Being on a sabbatical is fun but then excessive chewing of fingers indicated that I was getting restless for work or a project. I started baking because finally I had the time and an oven. The more I do it, the more I love it. It is like being on a mini adventure every time I make the batter and then wait not knowing what will come out of the oven. It is a small high every time something good is baked and the kitchen smells of buttery scrumptious-ness. Every time I try something new, it is a rush – a sugar rush – but before eating the final product. I guess it can be addictive! After enrolling myself for a short baking course at George Brown University, I started this blog to challenge myself a bit more and share my journey and learning with whoever is as in love with cakes as I am!

Thanks for stopping by!



The recipes I post – are usually cut down in size. I make small cakes or small batches of goodies since we are only two people and we hate wasting food.

All my pictures – are taken on my Iphone6. I use free photo-editing apps like VSCO, Snapseed, PicMonkey and BeFunky I don’t know much about photography, I just try my best and learn from other bloggers I like and respect.



Feel free to reach me at thebakingskillet@gmail.com.