11 Delicious Pie Crusts For This Summer

Summer fruit galette

It is pie season, and I am determined to try making as many pies and tarts as I can possibly eat and feed others! This is a curation of some of the most interesting recipes, for the pie lover in you.

Since I moved to North America last year, I have noticed that everyone loves pie and a whole lot of pie gets baked around these parts of the world from now until the leaves change color. I mean I get it, the markets are bursting with gorgeous fruit and once you have eaten fruit in the form of smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch and then again as snack, by the time it is dinner and your stomach is bursting from raw fruit, you probably want to curl up with a big decadent triangle of fruity pie snuggled under a large scoop of dark chocolate ice-cream (no vanilla for me)! Or maybe you are the healthy / purist kinds who shuns fruit in any other form than raw in which case, I will feel extremely sad for you. Well, I spend a lot of time thinking how to use up fruits in cakes, pies, breads, jams, alcoholic beverages, etc. so can’t help it!

I did not make enough pie last year, so this year I want to make a pie out of every fruit atleast once. But what about pie crust. I for one, totally believe in the power of the crust. It is not just a vehicle for eating fruit. It is an equal partner in the marriage that is fruit pie. At my George Brown baking foundations course, we learnt a basic pie crust recipe, which I have successfully used atleast 3 times! And I have tried a cream cheese crust from Epicurious. This year I want to try more pie crusts and hence the compilation. I want to hear from you – what are your favorite pie crust recipes? Do you ever try new ones or do you use the same old trusted family recipe handed down by your great great-grandmother? (I wish my grandmom wrote me a recipe ☹)

Obviously, the French are the Hermoine Grangers of pastry. So, the three primary categories of pie crusts are namely Pâte Brisée, Pâte Sucrée and Pâte Sablée and you can read about these guys here. But those are basic categories; what I am more interested in, is all the amazing sub-types of pie crusts that are out there. Also, I would like to mention here that although I am rather partial to a good flaky, buttery double-sided pie, I don’t see a massive difference between pies and tarts other than the bakeware they are baked in and the presence or absence of a little sugar and egg. At the end of the day, both carry deliciousness in them and both motivate us to spend an additional half an hour at the gym! So here is an intriguing collection. Let the pie-making begin!

11 types of Pie Crusts
Call Me Cupcake

Flour, butter, salt, ice-water (maybe a touch of sugar). Cold surface and chilled dough. A lot of people bring acid into the equation, but I have a feeling that it is a highly controversial topic that I will not stick my head into. Frankly speaking, being a pie novice, I have no opinion on the matter but I will happily go with Linda Lomelino’s instructions on pie making hoping to create the sort of beauty she creates!


11 types of pie crust
The Pioneer Woman

I understand that lard is not something that everyone is comfortable using however a lot of people swear by how flaky it makes the crust including my baking instructor at Greorge Brown. Of course she wouldn’t use it at her bakery, but apparently 50:50 lard + butter is how she did it at home.

11 types of pie crust
Baking Bites

This is really just an extension of the all butter pie crust but will probably win the approval of the party that adds acid to their pie dough. Water is replaced by buttermilk to create a more tender, flaky and flavorful crust.

11 types of pie crust
The Baking Skillet

This is not an original recipe! Far be it from me to even attempt to create this masterful pastry that is the bone of contention for many. I found the recipe on Apt2bbaking – Yossy Arefi found it on Epicurious. Just like buttermilk, cream cheese is supposed to increase the flakiness and the coloring of the pie making it more scrumptious and appealing!

11 types of pie crust
Hummingbird High

I mean, when you use brown butter in a pie crust, I want to kiss your hand! Not being creepy but this one is high on my list to of shells to try!


11 types of pie crusts
The Unlikely Baker

If this one is not on a pie list, the pie police will definitely come after me! Simple, easy, always a winner! Graham cracker crusts are so reliable and goes with all my favorite flavors – chocolate and lemons! I love this particular one, because Jolina adds coconut to the mix.

11 types of pie crusts
The Road to Honey

When you have almonds, pistachios, cocoa and butter together, there can only be magic! Lynn is so brilliant when it comes to creating beautiful tarts.

11 types of pie crusts
Ruby and Cake

Dates, Pecans and a touch of cinnamon is all you need for this simple press-in crust. Vegan lovers are going to love this nutty, naturally sweetened crust and I will love making it because it is so easy-peasy!

11 types of pie crusts
Baking a Moment

This crust by Allie from Baking a Moment is made with walnuts and I can just imagine how good it tastes – the slightly bitter, woody flavor of walnuts against the sweetness of a medley of fruits! 

11 types of pie crust
The Brick Kitchen

Rye flour goes into this one to give it the slightly nutty taste without the addition of nuts. I would also imagine it to be a bit more tender. The recipe is originally by Yossy Arefi from her book Sweeter off the Vine, but Claudia’s pics are droolicious!

Olive oil pie crust
Lee & Lou Cook

I have heard so many good things about olive oil pie crusts. I can’t wait to try it especially as a treat for my vegan friends. This olive oil pumpkin pie looks absolutely delish!

I have set myself up with quite the list don’t you think! I hope you guys find some inspiration here. If you have never made a pie crust from scratch before, there isn’t a better time than now! And if you are someone who relies on grandma’s trusted recipe every single time, maybe time to be slightly adventurous! Share your pie stories and reviews with me!

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  1. Wow! I am not much of a pie person.. but so many of them together are so inviting 🙂 I hate the doughy kind of crusts and prefer a more flakier one! I usually make a date and nut crust, since most fillings tend to go with it 😀 including my favorite Chocolate 😛 Thanks for putting them all in one place.. So convenient 🙂

  2. It was on my list of crusts to make so naturally had to go on this list. Thank you Ruby!

  3. “the french are the hermione grangers of pastry” = the best thing i’ve read all day, hands down. i’ve been meaning to play around with cream cheese pastry for a while, but haven’t gotten around to it! it’s the perfect time to do it though with all that good fruit out, mmmm.

  4. Aaaaaa! Thank you so much for including me in your crust round up 😀 I am beyond thrilled xx also now craving a slab of at least 5 different pies. and chortling at “the French are the Hermoine Grangers of pastry” On. Point. Great post Jenny x

  5. Oh, I love baking pies and making my own pie crusts….there are so many different types here and I want to try every single one of them. I absolutely love all your pictures, they are stunning. You have an amazing blog….LOVE IT!!!!?

  6. I’m cracking up Jenny! The French are totally the Hermione Grangers of pastry :). I still don’t have a favorite pie crust recipe so this roundup is going to help! Hope your week is going well!

  7. Hahaha…I hope someone eats that leftover crust! The cream cheese addition definitely makes for a more tender crust, I wouldn’t do elaborate lattice work with it, but great tasting and good for simple pies, galettes

  8. Thanks Lindsay! Can’t wait to try that one. I have tried Michelle’s regular pie recipe before and it was great so I am sure that this one will be a winner as well 🙂

  9. Yayyyy … I think, a lot of us, who are not used to making pies, just find it a bit intimidating atleast I speak for myself! But once you start, and you see how much everyone enjoys eating it, you are tempted to make more. And pies as well as pie dough freeze so well!

  10. I hav to admit I’m not a crust love, I usually eat the filling and leave it behind. That cream cheese crust as me intrigued though!

  11. Hilarious…. I would never want the baking police after me! This is a great resource for me. My sister was here today and literally asked me why I don’t post more pies on the blog – uhhh… I don’t know is the best I could say. I love pies. This is a perfect springboard to get me going this summer.

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