Blackberry Chocolate Cookie Cups

lackberry Chocolate Cookie Cups

If you love bite sized desserts, these mini chocolate cookie cups filled with blackberry mousse are perfect for you. Slightly tart and deliciously chocolatey, these are super handy on movie nights or for entertaining a crowd. After an extremely slow start, I have switched into 2nd gear and can feel some momentum gathering where getting […]

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Golden Milk Cake

Golden Milk Turmeric Cake

Golden Milk Cake is the ‘cake’ version of golden milk or turmeric spice milk. It is warming and cozy and light and fluffy and full of aromatic spices. The cardamom glaze is sweet and sticky with a heady fragrance. To be honest, I am feeling like I am going back to office after two weeks […]

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Brown Butter Skillet Cake

Brown Butter Coffee Cake

Brown butter gives this cake a nutty aroma and a buttery crumb. Baked in a cast iron skillet, it has wonderfully chewy, caramelized edges.   OMG, can you believe all the amazing things popping up on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest in prep for Christmas?? Since I am only a few months into blogging – following a […]

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Thyme Poppy Seed Shortbread Cookies

Christmas Cookies - Thyme and Poppy seed Shortbread

Butter is infused with thyme.  A little sweet, a little savory, these thyme poppy seed shortbread cookies are great for gifting or simply to make your home smell festive. While growing up, we did not really have the tradition of receiving gifts from ‘Santa’. We got a new dress, lots of good food and Santa […]

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Apple Butter Pie Dough Roll Ups

Apple Butter Pie Dough Roll up Cookies

This is the scrappy baby of leftover pie dough and apple butter. Once you have made them, you will be happy you didn’t throw away the pieces of pie dough after making the gorgeous pie! Last evening we went for a walk and realized that while the US is preparing for Thanksgiving, the Canadians have […]

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Gajar Halwa Cookie Cups

Gajar Ka Halwa Nankhatai recipe

Many Indians get nostalgic at the thought of Gajar ka Halwa I suppose. It is a common dessert made at home and served at restaurants. I am not sure if the same goes for ‘nankhatai’ though – a kind of crumbly, melt in your mouth eggless cookie aromatic with ghee and cardamom. I am Trick […]

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